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The home page of Put it in Writing is where I post my monthly magazine of (mainly) non-fictional writing. It is mostly made up of essays that are designed to be informative, thought-provoking and entertaining. Each edition will include three main pieces. These three are a review, a piece based on personal experience or opinion, and a piece of a political nature. There will also be a section on writing where I will share occasional updates on my own writing, useful pieces of advice for and by other writers, and favourite quotes about what it is to be a writer. There will also always be space for pictures and observations of the natural world.

The blog’s other pages tell you a bit about me and showcase some of my fiction.

I welcome comments.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. (Goethe)

Author: writeanne

Writer, teacher, wife, mother and grandmother; I'm a Scot living on the Isle of Skye; I blog in order to engage with my readers. I blog about life in all its variety, richness and wonder. I'm mostly bewildered but have occasional flashes of insight...

12 thoughts on “Welcome and thanks for visiting

  1. Excellent reasons to blog and write. It is those moments that stop us in our tracks that are worth promoting, responding to, sharing. The occasional rant is also good for the blood!

    Best Andy

  2. Poking pretentiousness in the eye is about as worthy a goal for a blog as I can think of. :)

  3. Glad you can join us in the river Anne! If you label your posts with ‘aros’ they’ll appear on the River (http://ariverofstones.blogspot.com/p/river-of-stones.html) and I’ve added you to the blogroll too. If you’d like email updates do email me at fiona@fionarobyn.com (and tell me which is your blog). Happy New Year! Warmest, Fiona

  4. Thanks visiting my blog. Enjoyed touring this one. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Enjoyed this column, Anne! I’m going to try “Small Stones” in my journal if I can’t start a blog by then, as I’ve been doing something similar anyway. That is, enjoying jotting down my little observations of and epiphanies in nature. I looked at Fiona’s blog but didn’t see any “Sign Up” button. I guess it’s all in the badge on your blog?

  6. I love that your motto can change – I will look for the next one!

  7. Very entertaining! We’re about to join you in the frustrations of trying to set up housekeeping–in our case a small, husband-designed house under construction in southern NH, where we hope to transition to retirement through a decade of increasingly long weekends. This all reminds me of the Nora Ephron book on the mind-boggling obstacles to home renovation that drove her to a divorce. (Title???) But I think these difficulties can bring us long-term couples closer together ;-) Anyway, Best Luck with all further nesting!

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