Versatile Blogger Award – and the winners are…

Recently I’ve been delighted to receive, not one, but two ‘Versatile Blogger Awards’ from
fellow bloggers. Thank you to Liz Crump http://liz-crump.blogspot.com
and Trish Nicholson http://www.trishnicholsonwordsinthetreehouse.com
for the nominations.

The payback that I have to fulfil, on accepting said award, is that I must reveal seven
things you may not already know about me – so here goes…

I am very small (but perfectly formed) reaching 4ft 11ins when I stand up

I have visited every continent except Antarctica and I hope to delete this
exception before I myself am deleted – especially since…

…I have a passion and a penchant for penguins. I’ve seen them in South Africa and Tasmania.
I even stayed in a town called Penguin in Tasmania – a town that had its own
twelve-foot penguin statue. But I would still love to see the wee guys down
there at the pole. My house and classroom are littered with many examples of
the species – in china, pewter, crystal, fabric…

My favourite drink in the whole wide world is Laurent & Perrier pink champagne.

I am left-handed – but can only use scissors and play badminton with my right

I have many earrings – zillions – can’t stop acquiring them –can’t walk past
Accessorise –so just as well I live 200 miles from nearest branch.

My favourite colour is purple and I LOVE my purple suede boots.

So now you know.

And it only remains for me to nominate my own list of 6 recipients of the Versatile Blogger
Awards. And the winners are –

Fletcher Moss http://sleepwellandfly.blogspot.com

Joanna Cannon http://joannacannon.wordpress.com

Nettie Thomson http://www.nettiethomson.com

Jan Carr http://jancarr.wordpress.com

Cathryn Louis http://www.cathrynlouis.com

Andy Harrod http://decodingstatic.blogspot.com

Do visit some or all of them.

3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award – and the winners are…

  1. I also love earrings! I have pierced ears which closed up when I was younger. Got them pierced again when I was 17. Still have the earrings – and memories of a wonderful summer.

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