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All my books are available on line and in bookshops. They’re available as paperbacks and as e-books. Bookshops can order them from their usual supplier. They are published by the Rowan Russell Books imprint.

Change of Life was my first novel. I had the idea for the book after being diagnosed with, and recovering from, ovarian cancer. Although it was a difficult time in my life, having a brush with my own mortality helped me to stop procrastinating and take my writing seriously. In the book, one of the main characters has breast cancer and other significant disruptions in her life. And although her experiences aren’t the same as mine, the book does deal with what it’s like to have to cope with enormous upheaval and change and how you come out the other side.

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A tale of life. A poignant mix of sadness, hope and love.

Be careful what you wish for…

Wife to heart surgeon and control freak, Tom, and mother to four adolescent children, Rosie feels taken for granted as she juggles family life and her work as a teacher. She longs for a change of life.

When she hits a teenage boy with her car, her life explodes into uncharted territory. The boy is Robbie – and Rosie discovers he is part of a terrible secret that Tom has kept for seventeen years. Then Rosie is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rosie leaves home and begins the fight for her life. Meanwhile Tom, is forced to learn what it means to be a husband and father. He struggles to keep his family together and strives to get his wife back.


Displacement is my second novel. The background to this book comes from my own experience of living for many years in the Scottish Hebrides and from my long association with Israel-Palestine. The latter is rooted in my friendship with an Israeli woman which began when we were schoolgirls in Edinburgh in the 1970s. Her father came to Edinburgh University to do his PhD and he brought his family with him. I volunteered to look after the new girl in class. After a year she returned home, but our friendship has endured. And because of that friendship I’ve visited Israel several times and I’m both fascinated and frustrated by this amazingly complex and beautiful country. This is how the book came to be set both on the island of Skye and in the Middle East.

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The search for resolution after the upheaval of loss. A journey full of insight, forgiveness and love.

From the Scottish Hebrides to the Middle-East, Displacement is a soul-searching journey from grief to reclamation of self, and a love-story where romance and realism meet head-on.

Divorce, the death of her soldier son and estrangement from her daughter, leave Hebridean crofter, Rachel Campbell, grief-stricken, lonely and lost.

Forced retirement leaves former Edinburgh policeman, Jack Baxter, needing to find a new direction for his life.

When Rachel meets Jack in dramatic circumstances on a wild winter’s night on the island of Skye, a friendship develops, despite very different personalities. Gradually their feelings for each other go beyond friendship. Something neither of them feels able to admit. And it seems unlikely they’ll get the chance to because Rachel is due to leave for several months to visit family in Israel – where she aims to re-root and reroute her life.

Set against the contrasting and dramatic backdrops of the Scottish island of Skye and the contested country of Israel-Palestine, Displacement is a story of life-affirming courage and love.


The Silver Locket is my first novel for children. It has been described as a sort of Outlander for children – a description I like! It’s written by my alter-ego Anne McAlpine. It’s a historical fantasy adventure and is aimed at the 9 to 12 age group. I got the idea for the book when I was still a teacher and I went with a class of Primary 6 children to the visitor centre at Culloden in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. There me and the children got to dress up as Jacobites and Redcoats, and we re-enacted parts of this important battle on the actual battlefield. Inspiration struck. I had one of those ‘what if’ moments and I thought, ‘what if we were all suddenly transported back to the time of the real battle?’ And that was it.

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The Battle of Culloden, 1746, and Bonnie Prince Charlie is defeated. Can three young friends from the 21st century ensure he escapes and that history stays on track?

It’s the last week of the school holidays and twelve year old Caitlin Cameron is bored. But when her new childminder turns out to be the eccentric Bella Blawearie, otherwise known as Scary Lady, everything changes.

Scary Lady lives up to her name. She seems able to read Caitlin’s mind. She sees visions in a snow globe and tells the time from a patchwork clock.

And things get even weirder when Caitlin and her two best friends, Lynette and Edward, accidentally open a time portal in an old tree and are hurled back through time to the eighteenth century.

They find themselves caught up in the blood-soaked aftermath of the Jacobite defeat at the battle of Culloden, and discover they’re there for a reason. A reason Scary Lady knows all about.

But all the friends have is questions. What is the significance of the silver locket passed to Caitlin by her grandmother? Can the locket help them ensure Bonnie Prince Charlie makes the right decision about his future?

And if they fail, will Scotland’s history books rewrite themselves, meaning Caitlin and her friends will not even be born?

Join them in their 18th century adventure as they make new friends, encounter great danger and strive to carry out their mission.


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